I buy and sell money.

OK, I’m a little new to the whole blog thing, but welcome to the inaugural post, we’ll see how this goes.

I trade and develop trading strategies for the financial markets and trade pretty much anything available to retail investors, including but not limited to futures, stocks, bonds, currencies and options all around the globe in markets such as Hong Kong, Europe, Iceland, Singapore, Japan, Australia and of course the US and Canada.  I also have a full time job as a software developer, but fortunately, living on the west coast allows me to trade and develop strategies in the early AM hours before work as well as on weekends.

I began trading in the markets in 1998, but didn’t get serious until the end of 2003 when I decided to put my head down and dedicate more time into researching, developing and testing trading strategies.  I’ve been profitable every year since.

I’m first and foremost a system trader.  Meaning I define a set of rules of what and when to buy and sell.  I then test those rules over historical data to see how they would have performed in the past.  Some of these systems I have automated, using software I have written, meaning the systems will place trades automatically with the broker, other systems I still place trades manually in the morning or the prior night. 

I also have many mid to longer term positions that I will trade into/out of based on my opinion and reading of current events.  Being a contrarian by nature I usually prefer to go against the flow and take positions in stocks or commodities that may not be en vogue on Bubble Vision aka CNBC.

I have also just launched a futures trading system on Collective2.com  http://www.collective2.com/cgi-perl/system58398143

which will allow investors/traders to subscribe to buy and sell signals for a trading strategy I have developed which trades a variety of US and foreign futures.  Support of this strategy and other strategies I have in the pipeline are the primary purpose of this blog.

That’s just a little intro for now, more to follow later.