Change of direction

A long overdue update on what I’ve been up to the last few months. 

I have decided to pull my LimitUp Futures strategy off of and focus my time and energy on replacing an automated trading application that I had written 7 years ago, which had been dubbed “limit buyer” since its primary purpose was to load of watch-list of 800 or so stocks and place limit orders when the price hit a certain level.  The new software which I have dubbed “ArbTrader” for the time being will be used to take advantage of various arbitrage opportunities as they arise in the market.  The software will be written in such a way where new strategies can be implemented and plugged in with a lot less pain than in my previous software.

I’ll be writing some new blog posts over the next few months about the design and architecture of the software as well as give a very broad overview of some of the strategies that have been implemented.

Stay Tuned

twitter: @RobTerp
twitter: @LimitUpTrading


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