Recommendations for FINRA Series 30 Study Guides

I passed the FINRA Series (Commodity Futures Branch Manager) 30 exam  this evening with flying colors as I move through the process of moving my CTA firm from exempt status to officially registered with the NFA, giving us the ability to actively solicit new accounts.

I thought I would pass along recommendations of the 2 study guides that I used to prepare for the test.  The first was “Series 30 Exam Secrets” published by Momentrix Media, LLC



The book did a good job of covering all of the core rules and regulations that must be followed when operating a CTA branch office as well as some general strategies for answering multiple choice questions.


I also purchased an online study guide from the “Center for Futures Education, Inc.” located at:


They have a printable and online version that is divided into sections including:

  1. General Market Knowledge
  2. General Regulations
  3. CPO/CTA Regulations
  4. CPO/CTA Disclosure Documents
  5. Disclosures by CPOs and CTAs Required for Upfront Fees
  6. Disclosure by FCMs and IBs Required for Costs Associated with Futures Transactions
  7. IB General
  8. General Account Handling and Exchange Regulations
  9. Discretionary Account Regulations
  10. Promotional Materials
  11. Anti-Money Laundering Requirements

Each section concludes with a short 5-10 questions quiz.  There are also 2-50 question final exams at the end of the course, as well as the option to purchase a 3rd Exam for $15 (which I did).

I was a little uneasy with the exams as most of the questions were true/false with only a few multiple choice sprinkled in, and I was unsure if the real Series 30 test would be organized in the same manner.  Fortunately it was, and probably more than 90% of the questions were true/false.

I probably spent no more than 10 hours between the 2 study guides and taking the practice exams and ended up with a 90% score on the actual exam.  I’d recommend both of these resources if you are looking for study guides for the Series 30 exam.


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