More Issues with Interactive Brokers Gateway

Another issue occurred this week with the Interactive Brokers Gateway application which is not leaving me with warm fuzzy feelings.  I awoke on Thursday morning to find the Gateway in the following state.




Apparently the Gateway disconnected from the Interactive Brokers server sometime around 1am PDT on Thursday for an unknown reason.  However, upon attempting to reconnect the Timeout Exception (above) was thrown and the Gateway didn’t attempt to reconnect again.  I also had 2 instances of Trader Workstation (TWS) running on my machine as well overnight, and they had no issues and were receiving market data as normal when I logged in, in the morning.

After closing the error dialog, the Gateway prompted for my username and password and then the security code.  After this step however the Gateway still remained in a disconnected state until I shut it down and launched it again. 

At this point I’m wondering if there is any real advantage to running my automated trading application through the Gateway vs. through an instance of TWS.  I thought that the Gateway would probably be a little lighter weight and consume less resources, but I’m inclined to switch back over to using TWS instead and IBControler to keep it running continuously through the entire week.

I’ll be opening a help ticket with IB support, but I don’t anticipate any meaningful resolution on this.


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