About Me

I am Software Applications Architect  and work with technologies such as web services, messaging, NoSQL, and enterprise Java.  I also work with desktop applications built on the Netbeans Rich Client Platform (RCP) as well as JavaFX.

In my free time I am fascinated with, and read incessantly on the happenings in the financial markets.   I build strategies for trading in the stock, futures and currency markets, as well as write software to automate the execution of these trading strategies.  This blog will cover various topics related to the financial markets, trading and the software solutions I develop and use to automate trading strategies.   This blog will also serve as a place to document the results of trading strategies in the testing phase as they are refined and potentially moved into trading in a live production account.

Zero Sum

The automated trading software which I am in the process of developing, currently  dubbed “Zero Sum” for the time being is being developed to take advantage of various arbitrage opportunities as well execute trading strategies that I have previously developed.  The application is written on the Netbeans Rich Client (RCP) platform, which will it allow it to be extensible to multiple brokers, market data providers as well as being able to execute a portfolio of trading strategies that can be plugged in.  I am not writing this software as a commercial venture, but for the sole use of my own trading strategies and those who have assisted with its development.

Feedback and comments are welcome!

My Trading Related twitter/blog:
twitter: @LimitUpTrading
blog: http://LimitUpTrading.wordpress.com

My General Programming twitter/blog:
twitter: @RobTerp
blog: http://rterp.wordpress.com


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